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Keyword Research

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Why SEO Auditing By Us Is a Need Of The Hour For You?

A detailed and proper SEO Audit reveals a lot about your position in the market and how you can effectively use your online exposure to garner maximum business. Before Jumping into the SEO battle-zone, you need to review your armory and know the firepower you have. You need to assess what you need to do and what to keep, remove or alter. It is like shining a light in a dark room, it reveals where you stand.

Our SEO Audit includes:

  Technical SEO Audit          Penalty Identification & Recovery
  On-Page SEO Audit           Website Structure Audit
  Content SEO Audit            Custom SEO Strategy
  Off-Page SEO Audit           Action Plan
  Keyword Research Analysis

We Analyse The Trends And Identify The Prospect Keywords

We begin our Keyword research procedure with a review of your current performance through rankings of the keywords and organic traffic. After reviewing and analyzing your site, we analyze the market scenario and assess the keyword strategies of competitors based on keyword overlap and relevance. To ensure we don't miss any gaps, we conduct extensive research to identify niche-specific keywords important to your audience.

We Create The Concrete Keyword List And Advice

Once we've identified all keywords and the niche audience for those keywords, we manually segment them to maximize opportunity. We then share all segmented data and summary highlighting keyword opportunities, trends, and themes. After reports are shared, our consultant sets up a call to discuss the analysis, recommendations, and implementation.

Custom Website development

Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Creation

Only   7%   of search engine users will ever make it to the third page of the search engine results.
  37%    of online shoppers report using social media for inspiration when they’re ready to make a purchase.
On average,   46%    of users act after viewing a video ad.
There are   2.77 billion    social media users globally.

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